Attitude Partnership

Organizational Agility 

"Leadership and Culture are two sides of the same coin"

Edgar Schein

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DATE: 15 Mar- 21 Mar 2024

TIME: 18.00-20.00 CET


4 X 2 HOURS 

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Program Description

The goal of the introductory Agility in Leadership and Organizations workshops is to inspire, educate, and catalyze participants to improve their effectiveness as a leader in a highly complex and rapidly changing business landscape by both expanding their capacity for leadership and to catalyze change within their organizational context.

This leadership workshop is the introduction to developing cultural awareness and how to align, focus, and accelerate change throughout organizations.

Introduction to Agility in Organization

Everyone experiences and influences organizational culture, regardless of role or title.

This workshop guides participants as they explore organizational culture and how to improve it through more agile ways of working.

This workshop helps leaders to see their organization’s culture and how it may hinder and/or support more agility.

Over this eight hour interactive learning experience, participants are introduced to the context of culture and key levers to shape it to improve alignment, focus and accelerate change towards increased business agility.. 

Course Objectives: 

By the end of this educational session you will be able to: 

  • understand and apply Competing Value Framework (CVF) in the context of your organiatonand your teams. 
  • be aware of o rganizational culture and systems to improve business agility, performance, and health 

Number of seats:

To ensure high quality training for the participants, we decided to limit our program to 8 seats per cohort.

Practical Info: 

Language: English

Days:  Fri, Mon,Wed, Thrs. 

Prework: Expect 1-2 hours reading prior the session

Certification: YES Included


There are no prerequisites for this introductory level workshop except to come with an open mind and a willingness to explore new ways of thinking and leading.

Aligned Values 

Agility is an organizational competency to meet the demands of a changing landscape. Yet, most are failing to adapt.

The Agility in Organizations workshop provides a tool to assess the values of an organization and how those align with or impede agility.

It further provides the key levers to shape those values for improved performance and health.

Value Delivery 

The ultimate goal of an organization is to deliver value to customers. Agility is a competency to help us improve the flow of value.

The Agility in Organizations workshop provides leaders with techniques to focus, align and accelerate organizational change, along with the techniques to guide the human transition required by those changes.

1. Organizational Culture  

Organizational culture is the number one barrier to increased agility.

We help leaders see their culture and how their culture strengths and challenges enable and inhibit business agility and change.

2. Agile Organization

Most agile transformations fail to deliver expected results.

We show leaders the pitfalls in top-down / bottom-up approaches and how to shape the organization inside-out to grown and sustain agility.

3. Shaping Culture

Culture change needs more than posters on the wall; it requires intentional focus on values modeled by leadership.

We help leaders access the levers of change to shape a culture of business agility.

4. Agile vs. Traditional 

Helping leaders understand WHY behind agile ways of working by looking at how risk is managed through traditional and agile ways of working.

5. Catalyst Canvas

Transformations run A-to-B. Yet, sustained agility requires discipline to inspect and adapt routinely.

We provide leaders a simple tool to help focus, align and accelerate change for business performance.

6. Leading Transition 

Like agile transformations failing, most change initiatives fail as well.

We teach leaders why, showing them how to avoid the pitfalls and to engage the organization to share ownership to build success.